Dr. Sheel Patel is a private practice physician where his work focuses on accurately diagnosing and comprehensively treating the underlying cause of a variety of pain syndromes. Dr. Patel also manages the private-public partnerships pertaining to the structuring of clinical trials related to the use of cannabinoids in pain in coordination with the PhytoSciences Consulting team.

    Dr. Patel earned a B.S. with a concentration in economics from the University of Michigan and then completed his medical degree at West Virginia University. He then went on to complete his anesthesiology residency at Rush University Medical Center and further specialized by completing a chronic pain medicine fellowship at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation. Dr. Patel is double Board- Certified in Pain Management and Anesthesiology.

    Before assuming leadership roles in industry, Dr. Patel has spent the previous years working at two of the top academic pain programs worldwide. For several years, he specialized in anesthetic patient care including treatment of a wide variety of acute pain conditions, resulting from distinct etiologies (traumatic, vaso-occlusive, neuropathic, arthritic, muscular, surgical, and postoperative). In addition, he spent four years treating chronic pain conditions using opioid sparing techniques, such as oral regimens with anticonvulsant, antispasmodic, antidepressant, and anti-inflammatory medications.

    Dr. Patel was trained at the highly prestigious Cleveland Clinic Foundation as a fellow in chronic interventional pain medicine. During his time in Cleveland, Dr. Patel was trained in the most cutting edge surgical and medical chronic pain management strategies under the tutelage of several of the most respected pain specialists worldwide. Over that time span, Dr. Patel treated a wide variety of refractory pain conditions using neuromodulation, local anesthetic and corticosteroid injections, and oral medication regimens while understanding the utmost importance of ancillary pain therapies, such as physical and aquatherapy, biofeedback and imagery exercises. During his tenure at Rush University Medical Center and the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Dr. Patel assisted with and was an integral part of several acute and chronic pain research studies.

    In addition to his clinical and research duties, Dr. Patel has dedicated much of his time to philanthropic work. He was previously heavily involved with La Asociacion Latina Alcanzando Suenos and is currently involved with the Rotary Eye Institute of India. During his last mission to India, Dr. Patel was instrumental in delivering ocular health care to hundreds of patients in underserved areas ranging from corrective lenses to ophthalmic surgery. He was awarded a certificate of outstanding dedication to the institute during his last visit. Dr. Patel is also an active member of the medical community through organizations such as the American Medical Association and the American Society of Anesthesia.