The Process


Once we receive the completed medical document from the physician, a Cannabis Consultant will contact the patient and go through the following steps:

  • Inform the patient on their new legal rights as a Medical Cannabis user.
  • Issue them a NAC ID card.
  • Provide education on the different plant classifications – Indica, Sativa and Hybrid.
    As well the endocannabinoid system and different cannabinoids – THC and CBD
  • Explain to patients what they should be using for their specific symptoms. As well as help them choose a method of consumption and starting dose.
  • Help navigate through the options of Licensed Producers so they can make an educated decision as to whom they would like to order their medicine from.
    They fill out a registration form for the LP of choice.
  • Explain the importance of journaling their progress, in order to find a formula that works for them.
  • Answer any questions or concerns the patient may have.
  • The Patient is now an Nac member which gives them access to our classes free of charge and 10% off in store products. They may contact us at any time for any cannabis questions, information or guidance. (This membership is $100.00 + tax but this fee will not apply to patients that are enrolled in the opiate study)
  • We send the prescription and their registration form to the Licensed Producer.
    The patient then awaits an email from the LP notifying them they have been registered. They will receive a member Id number or password to have access to ordering online.
  • Patient orders online.
  • Patient keeps a log each time they use their medicine.